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In glamour photography the subjects are shown in an alluring way. They usually have their hair styled to perfection and have flawless skin. They can be fully or scantily clad, but this type of photography is not intended to be pornographic. The photos are used for both commercial and personal use. Commercial use mainly means use in magazines that are mass-produced.

As part of this photography genre a private photographer is generally employed. There are many photographers that specialise in Boudoir photography for weddings and anniversaries as well as other special occasions. These photos are intimate, but there are different reasons why one would have them taken. They can be used in a portfolio for a modeling career or as photos to send to ones significant other who has been away from a while. All glamour photographs dont have to have an intimate or romantic theme.

Hairdressers often use them to focus on hair styles and make-up to demonstrate their skill and as advertising to draw in new customers. Parents often have these photos taken of their children on birthdays or special occasions.
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