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The most popular form of photography is that of portrait photography. If this is your chosen career then you need to be able to deal with all ages of subjects and pets as well as people. Parents are eager to have great portrait photos of babies in various settings. This requires patience in order to get just the right pose for a baby portrait and to be able to placate a baby that just doesnt want to be photographed.

Pet photographers also need to have patience and a feel for dealing with animals. These subjects are different because you cant tell them how you want them to pose. Quite often a pet is featured in a family portrait because it is regarded as an important addition to the family.

Mothers who are expecting love to have photos of them in the latter stages of their pregnancy. A mum to be photographer or a pregnancy photographer also has to be versatile in the types of poses so that the woman can be shown in the best possible way.

A pet photographer has to have an affinity for animals of all kinds. With the many different types of pets that people have you must not show any fear of the animal when you are taking the photo.

Below is a list of the latest photographers to sign up to our website that specialise in family portraits, corporate portraits and also pet photography or pet portraits.

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